What to Include in a Groom Emergency Kit

You've probably seen a Bride's "Wedding Day Survival Kit" before (and if not, click here!) but what about the groom? And honestly, between you and him, who is more likely to forget something important? Here are a few things to pack for his (and his groomsmen's) in-case-of-emergency moments:

  • Mints - make the first kiss a fresh kiss
  • Tie bar/cufflinks - any accessories you got for him, best to put them somewhere he won't forget them
  • Deodorant - an easy thing to overlook, especially if he has a ton of groomsmen
  • Mini sewing kit - if someone loses a button
  • Comb and Hair gel/cream - keep those do's sharp
  • Tissues - for happy tears, or nervous sweat
  • Nail scissors - for clipping off tags or loose threads (or trimming nose hairs)
  • Nail clippers - those hands are going to be in a lot of close-ups today
  • Moisturizer - see above
  • Tweezers - for any number of emergencies, including splinters and unibrows
  • Instructions for how to tie a tie/bow tie - in case someone in the party is a first-timer
  • Oil blotter sheets - girls ain't the only ones that get shiny
  • Concealer - nor are they the only ones that get last-minute zits
  • Razor - someone forget to shave?
  • Medicine (tylenol, ibuprofen, claritin) - if the boys spent all night at the bar instead of asleep, someone's gonna need it
  • Lint roller - especially crucial for dark pants/suits
  • Boutonniere pins - sometimes you need extra
  • Safety pins - for all kinds of clothing mishaps
  • Hand sanitizer - stay clean, men
  • Pen and paper - for last minute messages/instructions, or in case he forgot to write his vows
  • Water - let's hope he reaches for this instead of another beer when he gets thirsty
  • Phone charger - what happens when the groomsmen are late and no can get ahold of them? you don't want to know.

Above all, make sure there's at least one person in charge of getting the men where they need to be. We love our well-intentioned guys, that's why we want to make sure they don't do anything to make us want to murder them on our happy, happy day.

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