What to Include in a Bride Emergency Kit

If you search "Bride emergency kit" or "Wedding day survival kit" on Etsy, you'll find a ton of cute ready-made kits full of things that are sure to come in handy for a bride-to-be or her tribe!

If you fancy making one yourself, here are a few things to include that may save your life (and sanity) come wedding day:

  • Mints - make that first kiss a fresh kiss
  • Tissues - in case of make-up oopses or happy tears
  • Q-tips - a versatile fix-it tool
  • Nail scissors - loose threads anyone?
  • Moleskin - all day in heels may or may not cause some blisters
  • Cute flats - for when you finally decide to ditch the heels
  • Band-aids - for teeny accidents (or to help out that bridesmaid whose nips are showing through her dress, moleskin is also an option for that)
  • Extra stick-on bra - see above
  • Stain pen - keep that white dress flawless
  • Travel size hair spray - for on-the-go touch-ups
  • Oil blotting sheets - to remove any shine before picture time
  • Extra make-up - when you finish getting yours done, slip whatever you'll need for touch ups into the bag
  • Fashion tape - for dragging hemlines or to tape your dress to your bra to prevent slippage
  • Tweezers - the king of fix-it tools, keep those brows on fleek
  • Mini sewing kit - buttons fall off sometimes, it's cool
  • Coconut oil or makeup remover - accidents happen
  • Moisturizer - keep those hands soft, they're about to get paparazzied
  • Deodorant - at least one bridesmaid is going to forget hers
  • Water bottle and Straws - stay hydrated, but don't mess up that lipstick
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste - take care of this before the makeup artist arrives
  • Toothpicks - we will not have spinach smiles in our photos
  • Hair elastics/bobby pins - self-explanatory
  • Pen and notepad - for last minute messages/instructions
  • Hand sanitizer or towelettes - stay clean
  • Mini mirror - for touch-ups, but also reassurance that you look flawless
  • Phone charger - we all hope your florist has the right address, but just in case someone needs to get ahold of you suddenly, make sure that phone is on all day

Optional Extras

  • Crochet hook - if your dress has 1000000 buttons up the back
  • Snacks - pre-cut fruit or something that won't make crumbs; hangry bride ain't fun
  • Baby powder - if you're afraid of sweaty feet or chafing from a strapless dress
  • Tampons or sanitary napkins - even if you aren't on the dot, someone might be
  • Clear nail polish - has many uses
  • Medicine (tylenol, ibuprofen, claritin) - anyone prone to headaches here? allergies? or hungover maybe?
  • Sunscreen - have you ever seen a sunburnt bride? not the pictures she was hoping for
  • Super glue - if you're wearing anything bedazzled or that could potentially lose pieces
  • Extra earring backs - those little guys go missing all the time
  • A Groom Emergency kit - find that list here!

And if something goes wrong that even your well-prepared kit can't fix, don't sweat it! Most likely, no one will notice.

Happy planning!

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