Three Ways to Save Money on Flowers

The flowers is definitely one of those expenses that takes a lot of brides by surprise - "The florist wants how much?!?"

However, for the thrifty - and creative - bride, you can easily cut down the cost of flowers using any of these three methods.

1. Artificial

A lot of brides are reluctant to use artificial flowers because they're afraid it's too 'tacky' or 'cheap-looking'. And yeah, there are prudes out there that probably think so. But if artificial is all you can afford, I'm here to tell you there is no shame in buying fake blooms! Most people won't even notice. Plus, your bouquet then becomes a memento you can keep forever!

Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Etsy are great places to find the exact colors you need to make bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. And if you want to practice first, just grab some flowers from the nearest dollar store and try your hand at arranging!

Budget tip: If you sign up for emails/promotions with Michael's or Hobby Lobby, they'll send you coupons every week!

Check out this video or this video for a clever and easy way to DIY centerpieces with artificial flowers

Amazon and Etsy also sell cheap ready-made bouquets if you don't want to spend the time making them yourself!

2. Wholesale

This is the route I chose for flowers. I paid a professional florist for my bouquet, since that was the one that would show up in the most photos, and an arrangement for the sweetheart table. Then I took a trip to Orange County Wholesale Flowers one month before the wedding to see what was in season and what they had in my colors, then placed an order. The day before the wedding, my mom picked up the order she and my cousin put together the bridesmaid bouquets using floral tape and some ribbon from Michael's, and any remaining flowers and greenery they put in bottles for centerpieces. So the bridesmaid bouquets + extras for the reception cost me just over $100 and turned out exactly as I had hoped!



3. Greens & Baby's breath

Baby's breath is one of the cheapest and easiest flower to find, as are certain types of greenery. I recommend doing an online search to find out what will be in season, and so you know the names of what you're looking for, then visit a wholesale flower market to get quotes and compare prices. I even considered pulling some branches off the olive tree in my front yard! Greenery and baby's breath work with everything, are not ostentatious, and do not require an expert to make a simple but beautiful arrangement!

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