Pros and Cons to NOT Having a Wedding Party

Though it's tradition to have your best maids & men by your side on the wedding day, some brides decide it ain't worth the hassle. If you have your heart set on having all your besties by your side that day, feel free to skip this post and move onto the next! But if you were already thinking about trimming down to one or two people or skipping the wedding party altogether, here are some pros and cons to consider.


1. You save a lot of $$$

Even if you're not paying for their dresses/ties/tuxes, a lot of brides end up spending $30-50 on bridesmaid gifts - fancy proposals, robes, bachelorette party, champagne flutes, hair and makeup, shoes, personalized this-or-that. (Yes we realize we're talking you out of purchasing more products from us. Ha. Just keepin it real!)

2. You save a lot of time

I know some girls that spent several nights putting together personalized proposal boxes for their bridesmaids. And I don't even want to think about how many hours I pored over the internet trying to find the right groomsmen ties and bridesmaid dresses.

3. Drama-free

Not all brides will have this problem, but I've read countless rants on bride forums about the "difficult bridesmaid" - disagrees with every decision, hates the dress options, wants you to schedule everything around her, has beef with another bridesmaid or a groomsmen she used to hook up with, etc. If this sounds like something that would happen with one of your friends, better to eliminate the diva maids now, before you send out your proposals.

4. You won't be late to your own wedding

Out of the 22 weddings I shot last summer, there was only ONE in which everything ran according to plan, every event started exactly on time, and no one was scrambling, or stressed, or late. What made this one different from other 21 weddings? No wedding party. Basically, the smaller your squad, the more on time your show will run.


1. Who do you share the fun with?

The getting ready part is fun. That's for sure. But if you're trying to decide whether to share that intimate morning with girls you only kinda sorta know, or none at all, perhaps its better to spend that morning with one close friend or family member who will help you get ready. And don't worry! You can still party with your friends at the reception!

2. Less support

In theory, it feels like having a big circle of girlfriends around you on your wedding day is essential. However, if you feel like that would cause more problems than it would solve, consider having one person committed to being by your side for the day, like a bride's personal assistant. I'd recommend any family member or friend who you know is reliable, trustworthy, motherly, and a calm presence.

3. Two heads are better than one

Having a whole squad there definitely come in handy when someone needs a bandaid or a bobby pin or a different shade of bronzer. If you've opted to fly solo on wedding morning, get yourself an emergency kit or check out this post for Things to Include in a Bride Emergency Kit if you want to make your own.

4. Bride tribe photos

No doubt, the matching dresses and array of bouquets make for gorgeous pictures and endearing memories. But remember the one on-time wedding I mentioned? Even though no one stood behind her during the ceremony, the bride had her best friends show up to the wedding in the same color dress and they took pictures together after the ceremony. They don't have to be by your side all day to still be part of your wedding!


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