6 Reasons to Have your Wedding at a Park

If you're planning a wedding on a tight budget, chances are you've already considered shooting for a low-cost venue, like a local park. Here are our top six reasons why an outdoor park wedding is a great (and cost-effective) idea.

1. Super Inexpensive

No matter where you reside, there's bound to be a city park available for reservation that's within your budget. In Southern California, reserving a park - including beachside areas - for your wedding could cost you as little as $40/hour and rarely exceeding $2000 total. Just be sure to account for other fees, such as an alcohol permit and reserving parking. Though in many cases, even parking is free!

2. Versatile Atmosphere

What's your dream theme? Rustic? Country? Playful? Romantic? Fairy-tale? Being outdoors in a park, you get your pick of complementary themes, plus all the surrounding foliage decreases the amount of money you'd have to spend on flowers. Imagine how much more work this would have been if they only had a church basement to work with:


E + E Photography

3. Photo Ops Everywhere

Think of some of your favorite bride-and-groom portraits (what up Pinterest). Next to a tree. In a field. By a stream. In the woods. Big sky or mountain backdrop. SUNSETS. At a park, the beauty of nature is right there and will be in ALL your photos, not just your portraits. Plus, you don't have to plan in extra travel time to hurry to a location for post-ceremony photos.


E + E Photography

4. Single Location

If you favor quick and convenient, consider this: A park provides you with a beautiful place to hold both the ceremony and reception. So you don't have to pay for two separate venues, again, that's more "travel time" you don't have plan for, and you eliminate the risk of having some family or bridal party member getting lost and showing up late (we're looking at you, cousin Steve.) 

by Sabrina Valdez second-shooting for E+E Photography


Many venues aren't so flexible with catering, as they either require you to use their in-house service or choose from a list of catering services they're affiliated with. So if you already have a budget-friendly caterer picked out, you're having a local restaurant provide food, or your family is making the food yourselves, local parks have very little (or like zero) restrictions on bringing your own food!

Video still by Sincerely Photo + Video

6. This video.

Check out this beautiful wedding shot by SandraLily Video. If this doesn't convince you that a park wedding can be dreamy, nothing will.

SYDNEY & BRANDON [[Orange, CA]] from Cassandra Valdez on Vimeo.


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