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7 Money-Savers for the Unconventional Bride

Warning: These methods are not for everyone. Only those more concerned with pinching as many pennies as possible, rather than having a Pinterest-perfect wedding day may consider these options viable. If you don't give a rat's butt about the criticism you may receive from 'wedding purists' (i.e. bitter bridemaids or conservative in-laws), then this post is for you! 1. Weekday wedding Most, if not all, wedding venues and event centers offer a significantly discounted package for events held Monday-Friday. Sure, it may discourage some people from coming, but you only want the best of the best to attend anyway. (Same applies for an off-season wedding! Late fall to early spring, you can typically get reduced rates for anything from catering to...

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7 Avoidable Wedding Expenses

We will make no judgments of people that spend exorbitant amounts of money on the following traditions - but if you're the kind that just needs a little extra validation of "It's okay to skip that one, hon," then these are for you:

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